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FUN EXPLORERS – Fantastic New Business Opportunity

Following a hugely successful and oversubscribed pilot scheme, LCF is pleased to offer ‘Fun Explorers’ - a unique concept based on taking Primary school children on a journey and experience of a life time without ever having to leave the country!

The business/Franchise will offer Primary school children (initially between the ages of seven and eleven) a brand new extra curriculum activity called ‘Fun Explorers’. The purpose of the activity/club would be to take the children on a journey around the world exploring and experiencing a wide range of cultures and languages.

The children would visit all corners of the globe having huge amounts of fun through our structured and stimulating courses, learning traditional songs, festivals and dances, cooking traditional dishes, learning basic greetings and useful phrases as well as facts about each country itself such as the flag, size and population, where it is on the map, climate, types of animals, famous people, famous events, currency – the list really is endless.

The idea is to give the children a real awareness of the differing cultures, languages and traditions from around the world in a fun exciting way which in turn will not only increase the children’s concept of the world but will also help them to understand and appreciate that not everyone is the same but everyone must be appreciated – we hope that in turn they will eventually become well read, well-travelled, knowledgeable open minded adults with a natural understanding and appreciation of the world and its people.

The Fun Explorers franchise consists of:-

FUN EXPLORERS IS GOING TO BE BIG and this is an outstanding and unique opportunity to be part of the most exciting after school club concept since Le Club Francais and to establish, not only your own unique territory but a business in which the sky really is the limit !.

It is not only children’s lives we will be changing forever but yours too!!

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