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About Fun Explorers

Who are we?

Fun Explorers began with a group of Primary school children in Birmingham, England, being given the opportunity to discover and experience life in a number of diverse and exciting countries during a week long Summer Holiday Club, without the need to leave their home!

Following the success of the Summer Club, it immediately became apparent that there was a real eagerness to learn about other countries throughout the world and to continue their new found curiosity and travel experiences.

Following an initial pilot (which was overwhelmingly oversubscribed) and incredibly positive feedback from both parents and children alike, in particular, recognising the benefits of learning about the World and its cultures, we decided to expand this opportunity openly in the Primary school market as an extra curriculum ‘Fun Explorer Club’.

Fun Explorers is part of LCF and benefits from LCF’s 25+ years of experience operating childrens’ clubs.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the club and the program would be to take the children on a wonderful, exciting and amazing journey around the world in order to explore and experience a wide range of cultures and languages in a Fun, Stimulating and structured environment.

The children would visit all corners of the globe having huge amounts of fun learning traditional songs, festivals and dances, cooking traditional dishes, learning basic greetings and useful phrases as well as facts about each country itself such as the flag, size and population, where it is on the map, climate, types of animals, famous people, famous events, currency – the list really is endless.

The idea is to give the children a real awareness of the differing cultures, languages and traditions from around the world in a fun exciting way which in turn will not only increase the children’s concept of the world but will also help them to understand and appreciate that not everyone is the same but everyone must be appreciated – we hope that in turn they will eventually become well read, well-travelled, knowledgeable open minded young adults with a natural understanding and appreciation of the world and its people.

Mission Statement – What is a ‘Fun Explorer’

A ’Fun Explorer’ will become a well-travelled and knowledgeable individual with a real awareness and understanding of the World and its people.

A ‘Fun Explorer’ will have a well-rounded, broad concept of the World and will recognise, understand and appreciate others, no matter how different they appear.

A ‘Fun Explorer’ will have earnt the right to truly be called ‘A Global Citizen’