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LCF was established in 1985 to teach French, Spanish and English to young learners.

"Informality and fun are the keys to learning with LCF..."
- The Times Educational Supplement.

LCF operates after school clubs and learning centres throughout the UK, across Europe and in Australia and South America.
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LCF's interactive online resources, Babelzone and Englishzone, are used by teachers and students throughout the world.
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Franchisee and children enjoying LCF language clubLCF - the market leader in afterschool clubs and language teaching.
At our affordable afterschool clubs children have fun, make friends, and learn a language from a specialist linguist.

Work from home, you can choose your timetable. An LCF franchise is an extremely convenient and satisfying way to work.

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Babelzone - French and Spanish online resources

Songs, Games, Stories and Phonics activities in French and SpanishOver 300 songs, stories, and activities in French and Spanish.
Downloadable MP3 soundbites with transcripts. Worksheets and interactive learning.
For young learners (KS1-KS3) and teachers. Compatible with interactive whiteboards.

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Primary PPA cover French/Spanish

Songs, Games, Stories, and Activities in EnglishLCF provides PPA cover for French/Spanish/English at many UK schools. Our teachers have the added benefit of using our KS1/2 courses and our online resource LCF Babelzone. With LCF you get a teacher plus all the MFL resources you could ever wish for!

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French and Spanish for your child

French and Spanish after school clubs for childrenAfter school care that is educational and fun! The activities in our structured courses are stimulating and engaging. They include storytelling, drama, crafts and many fun songs and games.

Our informal and friendly classes or clubs provide the best and safest environment for children to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Englishzone - online English resources and tuition

Songs, Games, Stories, and Activities in EnglishNow in Home Edition or School Edition.
Phonics course, stories, games, songs, worksheets by topic.
Downloadable MP3 soundbites with transcripts. Worksheets and interactive learning. For young learners (KS1-KS3) and teachers. Compatible with interactive whiteboards.

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Music and Movement clubs - Jazz-Mataz

Music activities with Jazz-MatazThe music and gym activity for preschoolers. It's fun, educational and great for the development of social skills. Activities include music & rhythm with simple percussion instruments, nursery rhymes, songs and dances, musical games, fun fit routines, and storytelling. A fun home based business!

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Teach English

Teaching English with LCFTeach English internationally with LCF. Fun English courses for children and adults, including preparation for internationally recognised qualifications.

LCF is a proven concept for which there is universally high demand. We now have Master Franchises/National Distributors operating in Spain, Brazil, Hungary, Ireland, France, Belgium, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, China and Turkey.

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