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The advantages of an LCF Clubs International Master Franchise


  • Franchise sales
  • A monthly franchise service fee
  • Sale of yearly inscriptions to students
  • Commission on subscription sales of LCF Online content within the Master territory


  • LCF will provide its proprietary teaching programs for ages 3 upwards and full training both in the United Kingdom and locally detailing the delivery of lessons.
  • Advice on Business location and the design of the premises.
  • Business know-how concerning the efficient operation and profitability of an LCF franchise based on our 25 years experience.
  • Marketing plans and materials to promote the business.
  • Local on-site assistance from LCF staff for the initial franchise sales interviews.
  • Access to LCF Online Content for your franchisees and every student.
  • Continuing support by email and Skype.
  • Online training from LCF staff will be available for every franchisee/teacher.

What resources do I get as part of an LCF Clubs Master franchise?

  • Course books in English
  • Course material in French and Spanish
  • CDs and songbooks containg French, Spanish and English songs
  • Progress and reward stickers in the target language
  • Online games in "Babelzone" and "Englishzone".
  • LCF is a proven concept for which there is universally high demand. Once a network of franchisees is established the system becomes largely self sufficient. A hard working entrepreneur could easily do this within 2 years.