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Welcome To Fun Explorers

Fun Explorers was established to give children a unique opportunity to travel the world and discover its amazing diverse cultures and people in a fun interactive way.

As a member of the Fun Explorer club, you will:

  • Receive a fabulous membership pack consisting of a high quality backpack, a passport and a globe

  • Receive a passport stamp from every country you visit

  • Take part in traditional dances and festivals

  • Taste and cook local dishes

  • Learn basic greetings and phrases, even in languages as diverse as Arabic and Japanese

  • Create fabulous art and craft pieces such as an ‘Olympic torch’

  • Play the games children from all over the world play – some will be familiar and others will be very different

And here are just a few of the exciting activities that await a ‘Fun Explorer’ including:

  • Performing the world famous ‘Haka’ in New Zealand

  • Dancing the ‘Samba’ in Brazil

  • Karaoke singing in Japan

  • Designing and making ‘talking drums’ in The Ivory Coast

  • Making and tasting ‘Mango Smoothies’ in India

All in all, we hope that a Fun Explorer will not only learn about every country they visit and take part in some fabulous activities but will also become a true global citizen with an understanding and appreciation of the world, its people and its diverse cultures. View our mission statement below to find out more.

Mission Statement – What is a ‘Fun Explorer’?

  • A ’Fun Explorer’ will become a well-travelled and knowledgeable individual with a real awareness and understanding of the World and its people.

  • A ‘Fun Explorer’ will have a well-rounded, broad concept of the World and will recognise, understand and appreciate others and their cultures, no matter how different they seem.

  • A Fun Explorer will have earned the right to truly be called ‘A Global Citizen’.

Where do Fun Explorers Clubs take place?

The Fun Explorer experience is delivered via extra curriculum clubs by passionate and enthusiastic specialists whose aim is to give the children a real feel for the countries they visit and a glimpse into everyday life as well as age old traditions.

The sessions are delivered at schools and learning centres throughout the UK.

Here are some of our wonderful testimonials about Fun Explorers:

Head Teacher, "Chad Vale" Primary School: "Fun Explorers is a fabulous idea and one which I am sure would reap huge benefits for the children who attend"

"Freya" and Aishwanya Y4:"It was just so much fun - we loved everything!"



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