LCF provides educational activities that are fun and affordable primarily for children. Children’s activities are run directly by franchisees and you could be one. It’s rare to find a family-friendly franchise requiring little start-up capital. But that’s exactly the type of opportunity our children’s activity franchise offers.

We don’t just offer Languages Franchises

Our two types of children’s activity franchise are LCF Fun Language Clubs and LCF Fun Explorers. Both allow you to be home-based, running your clubs or activities from schools or other venues. Uniquely, both opportunities allow you to run your business according to your timetable, making our franchises the perfect family-friendly business opportunity. They are also popular with parents returning to work who are looking for a new challenge.

Children's Activity Franchise - Could you be our next franchisee?
Children love LCF Fun Language Clubs

LCF Clubs is the market leader in after school language clubs. These clubs enable children to learn a language, have fun and make friends. Children also learn valuable social skills such as sharing, team work and manners which transfer to lots of others things they will do in life. Fun Explorers is a unique opportunity to explore culture and geography with children. You take them on a learning journey around the world, exploring different cultures, traditional songs, crafts and learning interesting facts along the way. We also know that attending academic after school clubs can impact positively on a child’s attainment in primary school, according to this study by the Nuffield Foundation.

Our Increasing Longevity Works For You

These are no flash in the pan business opportunities. LCF has been established for 37 years. There are currently 100 franchises in the UK and 20,000 children attend an activity every week.

We make it as easy as possible for you to get your own LCF Club Children’s Activity Franchise up and running and making money.  Note that no language skills are necessary. You can employ linguists, so these are opportunities open to everyone. We provide teaching skills training, marketing training and even guide you through website and email setup for your business use.

Support To Go At Your Own Speed

You will benefit from national marketing and are encouraged to supplement that with your own local marketing and business development. Don’t worry, with years in the business we are able to pass on the insights of our most successful franchisees. Basically we know the techniques you need to use to make your business successful, while giving you the tools to overcome the difficult parts.

Some franchisors can be demanding, putting franchisees under pressure to make money. With our franchise opportunities you are completely in control of the hours you work.  For relatively little start-up capital our LCF Club franchisees typically enjoy excellent profit margins with net earnings of £50+ per hour.

Would you like to learn more about our franchise opportunity? Contact our Sales Manager, Michael and book a discovery call on Zoom to see what resources and support we can offer you as our newest franchisee.