We have a wide variety of people teaching for LCF, whether it’s in our language clubs for children, or our French or Spanish PPA cover classes in primary schools in the UK and Ireland. However our franchisees are always looking for fun, hard-working and industrious language speakers to help maintain our high standards of teaching and enjoyment in both our clubs and school classes. So if you’re looking for language teaching jobs, here’s a little guide to what’s in it for the teacher…

1.    Minimum Planning Time for Teachers

The great think about teaching French or Spanish with LCF is that our courses make it easy to know where your learning is going.

Not only do you receive the course readily prepared from your club principal/franchisee, you’ll also be able to see all the topics and activities that are coming with the overviews included in the course information.

So, if you’re thinking of teaching languages to children in one of our fun clubs, you’ll be able to see the direction of learning in the longer term as well as receiving lesson plans and resources for each individual lesson, meaning all you have to do is assess the level of your group and adjust the lesson as appropriate to the children you’ll be teaching, and make notes alongside the lesson plan. Then you can just go and teach!

If teaching during PPA Cover for schools, you will receive our MFL scheme of work for French or Spanish which covers up to 4 years in Key Stage 2, or our KS1 courses which get the children started ready to be confident in Key Stage 2. These also come with information so that you can plan ahead according to the schools needs and requirements.

2.    Fun Times Ahead

Teach French or Spanish with LCF Clubs
LCF has international reach

One of the great things about teaching French or Spanish to enthusiastic children using our fun and natural course, is that you also get to have loads of fun yourself!

Play games with the children, sing songs and get creative telling stories to eager young minds!

Barely ever do our club leaders leave a club without a smile on their faces, because teaching languages and sharing their passion with young people makes us incredibly happy.

The job of a language teacher is very rewarding when you see the progress made by your groups. The look of pride on the children’s faces when they can recall what they have learned and get things right.

3.    Steppingstone To a Future Career Teaching Languages

Some of our French and Spanish teachers have been with us as long as their franchisees have, but some stay for 2-3 years and move on.

Teaching languages to children in clubs is very rewarding in itself. But like all good things, they sometimes come to an end, and teachers will move on to bigger things in their own lives.

Teaching in our clubs can be steppingstone, or a dip in the pond, to keep the same analogy, to see if teaching is for you. So if you have language skills, teaching with LCF could equip you with a lot of the tools and tricks you will need to take forward to a future career in teaching.

Whether that’s in primary, or languages, or a mix of the two, it’s your choice! Many of our club leaders also go on to gain enough experience to be able to teach in PPA time for LCF as well. Doing this can further your career possibilities without having to leave the clubs you love.

Like all of our language teaching jobs, they are really well suited to being scheduled around your existing commitments. This is a big selling point for our jobs, and indeed our Language Teaching and Fun Explorers Franchises.

 Many of our franchisees also started out teaching for another franchisee and decided to make a business of their own in a neighbouring area. This is an awesome way to get experience in the business before taking the leap to own your own franchise.

4.    Even Training workshops are fun with LCF!

That’s right – we get fantastic feedback from our training workshops for teachers Even experienced teachers and franchisees who have been with us 25+ years still tell us that they find them so useful to refresh their knowledge of the courses we have and benefit from the sharing of ideas with like-minded people.

This is feedback from a first-time attendee from a recent training workshop:

“Please thank Sophie when you see her next for a fantastic training session on Saturday morning. Thanks to you for offering me this opportunity.

It was such a great thing to do for me and it was so lovely to meet others who are passionate about language teaching and who also believe in the importance of game playing in our club lessons.”

If you’re interested in a part-time job teaching languages in your local area, please fill in the form below to register your interest. 

LCF Clubs was formed in 1985 and has since grown to an internationally-renowned franchise operation providing language clubs and lessons to children and young people around the world. In the UK, our services include providing language clubs at breakfast, lunchtime and after school in schools, and at other times in external venues and nurseries. We also provide specialist primary language teachers to schools. This enables schools to provide a quality curriculum for languages taught by a fluent specialist who knows the subject topic inside and out.

Teaching for LCF allows linguists to share their passion for their language, with children in nurseries and primary schools. Teach for an existing franchise, or join our network of franchisees to grow your own language teaching business. See our detailed information on the What Franchise website to learn more.