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LCF English for every day – Levels 4-5-6

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Student's Workbook 
ENGLISH FOR EVERY DAY- LEVELS 4-5-6 - Description of materials

LCF English for every day – Levels 4-5-6 is for learners who have studied English up to approximately pre-intermediate level.
Past, present, present perfect and future are revised and expanded. Every lesson has a Reference sheet to remind students of the main language points covered in the lesson.
Homework is included in every lesson and is an integral part of the student’s learning process.

The Student’s Workbook:

  • Is used in every lesson
  • Contains tasks to complete and reading materials

The Teacher’s Book:

  • Contains 40 structured lesson plans
  • Each Lesson is based around a meeting of one and a half hours
  • Provides step-by-step description of all activities and games
  • Is linked to the Student Book

The data CD (PDF and audio files):

  • Full colour flashcards and visual aids for every lesson
  • Full colour boardgames and card games
  • Additional worksheets
  • Audio files with speech and dialogues for every lesson