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LCF English for every day – Levels 1-2-3

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ENGLISH FOR EVERY DAY- LEVELS 1-2-3 - Description of materials

The aim of LCF English for every day – Levels 1-2-3 is to give beginners or false beginners a basic grounding in functional English. At the end of the course, they are expected to reach pre-intermediate level.
Past, present and future are introduced and covered with graded complexity, allowing students to go into these aspects in greater depth in Levels 4-5-6. Every lesson has a Reference sheet to remind students of the main language points covered in the lesson.

The Student’s Workbook:

  • Is used in every lesson
  • Contains tasks to complete and reading materials

The Teacher’s Book:

  • Contains 40 structured lesson plans
  • Each Lesson is based around a meeting of one and a half hours
  • Provides step-by-step description of all activities and games
  • Is linked to the Student Book

The data CD (PDF and audio files):

  • Full colour flashcards and visual aids for every lesson
  • Full colour boardgames and card games
  • Additional worksheets
  • Audio files with speech and dialogues for every lesson