At LCF Fun Languages, we have developed French and Spanish school courses for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 to cater for the different age groups.

In KS1, children will learn vocabulary on a wide variety of topics and lay foundations for KS2, also learning about various celebrations in French-speaking countries, all in a fun and enjoyable environment, with the help of Hugo Escargot or Pepe Caracole, our resident puppet friends, who only speak in our new languages! Songs and games lay the basis of our course, which is fun and enjoyment of language learning.

In KS2, Fun Languages courses have been developed based on the QCA/TDA recommended schemes of work developed for the integration of languages in primary school and were created for children learning from Year 3 for one hour per week up until the end of year 6, however our teachers can be flexible and cater the course for shorter teaching times if needed. We now cover all elements of the new updated Primary curriculum, and we are always working to update our books and resources to match the needs of this curriculum.

The course is complemented by our online interactive web resource, Babelzone which has stories, songs, games, sound bites, phonics examples and printable activities for each of the 24 KS2 units. We also offer colourful exercise books for each year of French or Spanish learning which are used by all Fun Languages teachers.

For schools that would like to provide an extra-curricular activity, but not during the school day, we can run a school fun club after school or during lunchtime if that suits you better. Some of our teachers even offer breakfast and holiday clubs. Find out more about French here, or Spanish here.

School Books

Exclusively for use of our PPA/Curriculum time teachers and schools, we offer the LCF range of school activity books that allow your school to demonstrate progress from the beginning of our course to the end. The books are brightly printed in full colour and contain vocabulary for each lesson, a vocabulary list, phonics word bank, grammar points covered and useful phrases for each level. Each lesson’s activities are also differentiated by outcome so that each child has the opportunity to succeed or test themselves.

Examples of our Books


Our fun interactive website, Babelzone was designed specially to compliment our in-school course, with 24 units of resources separated also by resource type. There are over 300 resources, including animated songs, interactive games for both learning and just for fun, printable resources, downloadable soundbites in case your teachers will practice vocabulary or phonics in between lessons and various other stories and activities to go alongside the teaching resources we provide for our teachers in our scheme. Additionally, if you would like to introduce languages for KS1 while we cover KS2, our Babelzone site offers a flipbook of lesson plans, activity sheets, flashcards and linked songs and games which means they can have a great introduction to French or Spanish too (We do have a full KS1 course if you'd prefer us to teach that too!)

Here are some examples of activities that can be found on Babelzone:

Babelzone use is included when you use our services, and all children will receive FREE home access to practice in between lessons or for homework tasks.

If you’d like to explore the benefits of Babelzone yourself, we offer a limited free trial.

LCF also offers Englishzone, with resources for phonics and literacy which you can discover here.

Enquire about PPA Cover in Your School

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