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Salutations - Alphabet - Numbers - Colours - Dates...
Survival kit
Presentations - Descriptions - Qualities - Basic information
You, them and me
Family - Pets - Home - Rooms - Furniture - Routine...
At home with my family
and other animals
World  - Culture
The world around us
Other cultures
Food and health
Eat well
to live well
Secondary school - Lessons - timetable - Preferences
Life at school
Town - Country - environment
Urban and rural
Sports and leisure - Going out
Sports and leisure
Going out
Travel - Transport - On holidays
Travel - Transport
On holidays
Shopping - Money
Celebrations during the year
A year
in festivals
Work and society
Work and society
All songs
and poems
Stories and dialogues
All stories
and dialogues
Graded tests
All graded tests
Cross-curricular ideas (Science - Maths - History - Geography - PE)