Englishzone FAQs

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How much does an Englishzone subscription cost?
A yearly subscription starts from £69 / US$99. You can pay by credit card or mail a cheque or email/mail an official order.To order, you need to go to the Subscription page.

Can I receive a discount if I subscribe to both BABELZONE and ENGLISHZONE?
If you buy Babelzone with Englishzone, you can save 10% on BOTH subscriptions.

Is Englishzone compatible with all Interactive Whiteboards?
YES. All Englishzone online activities are designed to be viewed with ADOBE Flash player allowing interactivity on all types of Whiteboards.Note that the printable activities are in"PDF format" and can be displayed on all whiteboards providing additional resources for imaginative teachers.

How many users can login at the same time?
With a single user subscription one user can login at a time. With a Classroom subscription up to 35 computers can access at 1 IP address during school hours,
9am-4pm - students/teachers may use login at home outside of these times.

You will receive by email an ACTIVATION CODE shortly after you have subscribed to Englishzone.You only use this ACTIVATION CODE once. With it, you will create a username and a password, which will be required to enter the site.

Why isn't my PASSWORD accepted?
Your password must contain a minimum of 5 letters and 2 digits.

How do I get a FREE trial?
Simply go to the FREE trial page and enter your email address in the box. We will not use your email address for any other purpose or pass it on to other companies.

I have requested a FREE trial but did not receive a confirmation email within 30 minutes.
If you don't receive a confirmation email from us, please add englishzone@lcfclubs.com to your email address book and try again.


I can't login / My login failed.
The most common problem, if you are a school, is that the local firewall is blocking access and needs to be whitelisted.

I have forgotten my login details (Username or password).
Go to the login page and click on "Forgotten login" in the blue box.
Enter the email address you have used to register/subscribe with us and click submit.
Shortly after, you should receive an email with your login details.


I can't see any of the games or animations.
Make sure that you have the latest version of the ADOBE Flash player.
You can download the latest Flash player from HERE:
Get Adobe flash player

I can't see / access the printable activities.
The format of our printable activities is PDF. To download or view their content, you need ADOBE Acrobat reader.
You can download the latest version from HERE.
Get Adobe reader