LCF English for Juniors 1

LCF English for Juniors - Level 1

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ENGLISH FOR JUNIORS - LEVEL 1 - Description of materials

This course is for young people who have some experience with English or have progressed through the Kid’s Club programme. It is not a beginner’s course. Some activities are found online in ‘Juniorzone’ so access to computers or an Interactive Whiteboard is necessary for some lessons. Audio clips can be found on the Course CD, but can also be downloaded from Juniorzone.

Its aim is to help prepare young teenagers who hope to take English examinations where it is important that they be able to communicate effectively with other speakers of English. (For example: the Cambridge University Examinations Board)

(CEFR level = B1)

The Student's Workbook:

  • Is used in every lesson
  • Contains tasks to complete and reading materials

The Teacher's Book:

  • Contains 40 structured lesson plans
  • Each Lesson is based around a meeting of one and a half hours
  • One new topic isintroduced every four lessons
  • Provides step-by-step description of all activities and games
  • Is linked to the Student Book

The data CD (PDF and audio files):

  • Full colour flashcards and visual aids for every lesson
  • Full colour boardgames and card games
  • Additional worksheets and crafts
  • Audio files with speech and dialogues for every lesson

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