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November 2008
BABELZONE updates:
  • New printable activities in French and Spanish + new songs in Spanish:
Printable Song Lyrics: Sur le pont d'Avignon - Si tu as... - Chez le docteur - Le Gouzi-gouzi - Le vieux Jo - Arlequin - Tiens voilà - Ma ville - A quelle heure part le train? - En allant à Miramont - Je fais un sandwich - SOS 18
8 New Songs: Diez deditos (Unit 1 + KS1) - Gusanito medidor (Unit 2 + KS1) - Mi carita (Unit 4 + KS1) - Los patitos (Unit 5 + KS1) - Dos ranitas (Unit 5 + KS1) - El Barquito (Unit 7) - Los días de la semana (Unit 7) - ¡Que llueva! (Units 7 & 12)
Printable Song Lyrics: All lyrics related to the above songs.
October 2008
BABELZONE updates:
  • New activities in all languages:
Songs: Sur le pont d'Avignon (Unit 1) - Au fond de la jungle (Unit 11)
Stories: Deux grenouilles (Unit 9 + KS1) - Le match de foot (Unit 10 + KS1) - Qui suis-je? (Unit 11) - On dit que... (Unit 11 / Unit 20) - Chez Azur (Unit 23 / Festivals: Halloween)
Game: Qui suis-je? (This story is also a guessing game.)
Phonics: The sound [y] + The sound [s]
Songs: Pase misí (Unit 1)
Stories: Los dos ranas (Unit 9 + KS1) - Un juego divertido (Unit 10 + KS1) - Los países (Unit 20) - La tienda de Elvira (Unit 23 - Festivals: Halloween)
Songs: Down in the jungle (Unit 4)
Stories: Kennings (Unit 4) - Is it true? (Unit 6) - Wendy's shop (Unit 8 - Festivals: Halloween) - A good game (Unit 9) Jack and the beanstalk (Unit 11)

September 2008

BABELZONE updates:

  • New activities in all languages:
Songs: L'anniversaire (Unit 3) - Bonjour Madame la lune (Unit 18) - Où vas-tu Corianne? (Unit 20) - En allant à Miramont (Unit 23) - La chanson des squelettes (Units 19 / 24 / Festivals)
Story: Les trois petits cochons
Game: Le jeu des squelettes
Phonics: The sound [on]
Songs: La luna y el sol (Unit 18) Link to Teachertube video
La canción de los esqueletos (Units 19 / 24 / Festivals)
Story: Los tres cerditos
Game: El juego de los esqueletos
Songs: The skeletons'song (Units 19 / 24 / Festivals) - Incy Wincy spider (Unit 4) - Mary had a little lamb (Unit 4) - Wiggly Woo (Unit 4) - Grandma Moses (Unit 2)
Story: The three little pigs
Game: The skeletons'game
  • Songs and Dialogues:
    The reorganisation of all songs and dialogues into QCA units allows users to find activities quickly and easily.
  • Picture Bank:
    This month, we will be adding many more authentic resources. Consequently, we will update the categories in this section.
July 2008
LCF Clubs stickers on sale in the "Shop & Buy" section:

Colourful sets of 240 large stickers in French and Spanish to acknowledge progress and to reward children.

BABELZONE updates:

  • KS2 FREE Spanish Soundbites to help non-specialist teachers
    (Non-subscribers can access them from the Babelzone Home page - Subscribers will also find them with transcripts in each Babelzone QCA Unit below the usual songs, stories, printables and games.)
  • More Spanish and French songs and stories in the QCA Units

Moving pictures: Le 14 juillet / Nous formons une équipe / Arlequin dans sa boutique / Au magasin de musique Moving pictures: El chocolate
Animations: Animaux de compagnie / Un monstre sous mon lit / A la ferme / Sept hiboux Animations: Una noche en la granja / Animales de compañia / Siete buhos
And a few phonic interactive flashcards...  

A short preview from the Spanish section:

Bonnes vacances à tous!
¡Buenas vacaciones a todos!

We'll see you all at the end of August with more updates.
June 2008
BABELZONE updates:

Find them in the Picture Bank and in the relevant units.

In this update, we included:
  • New animated songs in all languages (Traditional songs and exclusive club songs)
    • Prom'nons-nous dans les bois
    • Chez le docteur
    • Le Gouzi-gouzi...
    • El conejito
    • En la granja de mi tío
    • Osito, osito...
  • New moving pictures (Songs and dialogues)
  • A new resource: French phonics interactive flashcards (Only in several units, but we intend to develop this resource further!)
View a sample on Teachertube or Youtube:

TEACHERTUBE: En la casa de Pinocho
YOUTUBE: En la casa de Pinocho

May 2008

BABELZONE updates:

Find them in the Picture Bank and in the relevant units.

We are developing a new kind of audiovisual resource and are pleased to present our first films. The emphasis is on the text and clear visual clues. The controls below the film allow you to easily locate the sections of interest in order to pause and replay them.
These resources provide tools to include the intercultural understanding strand from the KS2 Framework for languages.
View a sample on Teachertube or Youtube:

TEACHERTUBE: A quelle heure part le train?
YOUTUBE: A quelle heure part le train?

BABELZONE updates:

Find it in the French and Spanish language menus.

Picture Bank @  Babelzone

PICTURE BANK provides Spanish teachers and learners with a full set of photos related to many aspects of the Spanish culture. Click on the image above to access BABELZONE and the PICTURE BANK page.
April 2008
BABELZONE updates:

Find it in the French and Spanish language menus.

Young learners @  Babelzone

Young learners @  Babelzone

Meet "El zorro Rodrigo", "Bernard le renard" and their friends in new stories. Access games and printables suitable for the younger learners.

Find them in the SONGS sections and in the language units.

The update includes:

  • Head, shoulders, knees and toes
  • If you're happy and you know it
  • Mister Thumb
  • My family
  • Songs to say Hello and Goodbye
View a sample on TEACHERTUBE:

Comment ça va?

¿Cómo estás?

... more songs to come in the next few months!

March 2008
Picture Bank @  Babelzone
BABELZONE updates:
  • PICTURE BANK is a new resource with authentic images for French teachers and curious people who want to know more about "la culture française". The equivalent Spanish resource will be added shortly!
  • EASTER activities added in the Festivals units.
  • MOTHER'S DAY activities added in French/Spanish/English - Festivals unit.
  • Watch FRERE JACQUES / FRAY SANTIAGO on Teachertube.
    Click the links below to access:

    Frère Jacques

    Fray Santiago

LCF Clubs at the EDUCATION SHOW - NEC BIRMINGHAM (28th February - 1st March).

Education Show - Birmingham

February 2008
BABELZONE updates:
  • VALENTINE DAY activities added in French/Spanish-Unit 14 + English- Festivals unit.
  • PLAYGROUND RHYME in French/Spanish-Unit 2 + English-Unit 7

Excellent OFSTED / ISI comments for LCF in-school clubs in the UK (Licensee: Linda Kewley - North London area):

“The children’s experience is enhanced by a high quality experience of French”

“In the French Drama club, pupils displayed excellent skills in their understanding and pronunciation of another language”

“The best lessons were imaginative and exciting. In a French lesson in Year 1, the skilful blending of carefully planned progression and repetition of key vocabulary with acting, singing and dancing generated excitement and confidence in the pupils, while securing knowledge apparent in the high standard of written French in Years 5 and 6”

BABELZONE on Teachertube - Click the links below to view the videos:

January 2008

BABELZONE updates: PANCAKE DAY activities added in French/Spanish-Unit 13 and English-Festivals unit.

LCF is on Youtube (Licensee: Valérie Calder) :

BABELZONE is on Teachertube - Click the links below to view the videos:

Informality and fun are the keys to learning at LCF Clubs... - The Times Educational Supplement