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Jazz-Mataz - Music and Gym Clubs

LCF JAZZ-MATAZ is the educational fun Music & Gym club for pre-schoolers:

  • Music & rhythm with simple percussion instruments
  • Nursery rhymes, songs and dances
  • Musical games
  • Fun fit routines
  • Storytelling

LCF JAZZ-MATAZ is both a social event for both Parents and Pre-schoolers (parents attendance is optional) and a programme using music, rhyme and song to enhance development.

In the club the children will learn to:

  • Participate in a group
  • Concentrate and listen
  • Exercise and have fun doing it
  • Increase their confidence
  • Improve their motor/movement skills
  • Discover the Anglophone cultural heritage and musical traditions

Children who engage in active play are likely to stay active and be physically fit in the future

Bring your child along, meet Jazz Bear and make friends for a fun packed experience!

Become an LCF Jazz-Mataz Franchisee - check our opportunities page