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LCF Clubs was established in 1985 to teach French and teach Spanish to young learners.

With over 5,000 centres, LCF Clubs is the largest provider of after school clubs in the UK.

The activities in our structured courses are stimulating and engaging. They include storytelling, drama, crafts and many fun songs and games.

Our informal and friendly classes or clubs provide the best and safest environment for children to develop their self-esteem and self-confidence.

They rapidly acquire enough knowledge to enjoy using the language for communication and expression.

Every LCF club leader is CRB checked, insured and very importantly speaks the target language fluently.

Young learners from 3 to 11 benefit from our fun courses in pre-school, lunchtime or after-school clubs.

Our KS1/2 language resources are also used in an ever increasing number of primary schools within the curriculum. Click here for more information about our KS1 and KS2 courses.

In 2005, LCF launched 2 innovative online learning resources: BABELZONE & ENGLISHZONE with content suitable as a teacherís resource or a support tool for students.

Babelzone is a fun interactive site for young learners with stories, games and songs in French and Spanish; and has recently been updated to include phonics for both languages.

Englishzone includes a dedicated area to the learning of English phonetics with a synthetic approach. 2 options are available, one for native speakers and the other for ESL.

Both sites include downloadable worksheets and new content is added monthly.

Babelzone and Englishzone's appeal was immediate and now has subscribers on every continent. Their content can be enjoyed both at home on individual computers or at school with interactive whiteboards.

For a free trial of Babelzone or Englishzone please visit

LCF Clubs Today

Over 50,000 children now attend each week to learn French and learn Spanish through our structured and proven courses designed to stimulate their natural enthusiasm for language and communication. The fun way to learn!

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Clubs in action

Watch a short film taken from one of LCF's many success stories Nationwide.

Clubs in Action

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