LCF English - YEAR ONE

LCF English Course - Year ONE

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YEAR ONE - Description of materials

Year ONE materials are suitable for young children taking their first steps in language learning.
(CEFR level = Pre A1)

The Year ONE pack:
  • A Student Book to use during the lessons
  • An Activity Book to use at home or independently.

The Year ONE Teachers' Book:

  • 80 structured lesson plans
  • Vocabulary input
  • Step-by-step description of all activities and games
  • Links to the Student Book
  • References to the Kids Club CDs for songs and rhymes
  • Games Glossary with clear instructions for all of the games played in lessons

The Year ONE data CD (PDF files):

  • Full colour flashcards and visual aids for every lesson
  • Full colour boardgames and card games
  • Additional worksheets and crafts

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