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French for Kids: Learning Early Can Make All the Difference


The world has never been as interconnected as it is right now. The internet has allowed us to break down almost all distance barriers Ė meaning you can video chat with someone across the world in a matter of seconds. With this new interconnectedness comes an opportunity to learn more about new cultures and explore new countries, especially for children. But language can be a barrier of its own. Thatís why LCF Clubs are such a great idea. Take French, for example. French for kids can be very difficult to grasp, but even more so for adults. With that in mind, letís take a look at why learning languages like French as a child can make a huge difference.

French for kids opens new doors

Choosing a career is a tricky task in and of itself, particularly when the job market is seemingly getting worse all the time. For this reason, itís a great idea to offer a child the chance to tackle any job theyíd like to Ė and language can be a superb door to open. By attending an LCF French for kids club at an early age, children can gain a foundation in the language which could easily lead them into a career which spans countries or continents. Plus, language-based jobs are always in demand, so itís a great choice either way. And of course the door will always be open for that child to live in another country, like France, and have the language skills to see them through.

French club for kids at LCF Clubs
Children enjoy running a boulangerie at French club
with Jane Pendered, language club organiser in Kent.

More than just language learning

At an LCF French for kids club, children learn far more than the simple basics of the French language. They also look into cultural relations, learning about France itself and its history. In this way, they will be better prepared going forward to forge strong relationships (working or otherwise) with people who speak French. On top of this, learning French (for kids and adults alike) takes a lot of dedication and commitment. Getting a solid handle on dealing with this level of commitment Ė and of course witnessing the payoff Ė can set a child in good stead as they grow into adulthood.

French for kids improves cognition and creativity

There is solid scientific evidence that learning a foreign language at a young age can drastically improve not only a childís cognitive abilities, but also provide benefits to their creativity too. These are transferrable skills that can then be used at school, at home and even at work when they grow up. Plus, the child will have core language skills which they can call on at any time Ė whether thatís ordering at a French restaurant or making new friends in the playground. French for kids is far more than simply a pastime, itís a skill for life Ė and itís one thatís well worth building through any of the French for kids LCF clubs.

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