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Become an LCF Franchisee and Be Your Own Boss

Have you ever wanted to have more control over your lifestyle? Perhaps you’d like to set your own hours and work from home too? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, why not look into becoming an LCF franchisee? Not only would you enjoy all of these benefits, but you’d also be giving something more: the gift of education to countless children. Let’s take a few moments to look into the details of becoming an LCF franchisee and why it could well be such a good choice for you.

You’ll be part of the family

With a history that stretches back almost thirty years, LCF currently has over 5000 centres in the UK. Each one of these provides structured after-school clubs and courses which are as fun as they are educational. Our clubs offer the perfect blend of learning, singing, music, storytelling and games. As an LCF franchisee, you would be at the heart of that and be able to enjoy the greatest benefit of all: the smiles on the kids’ faces! You can hold your club at a number of venues, including schools, playgroups, community centres or church halls. Even better, you can choose to teach either French or Spanish depending on your experience.

LCF Franchisees have Free access to Babelzone
Franchisees have FREE access to Babelzone

The benefits of being an LCF franchisee

In addition to lighting up the lives of the children at the clubs, you’ll also reap a whole host of other rewards as an LCF franchisee. You’ll be able to set your own hours per week, enjoy excellent profit margins that can reach over £50 per hour, and it won’t cost you much to get started. If that’s not quite enough, you’ll also benefit from the LCF methodology which has been proven time and again over two decades. What that means is that you can worry less about club content and focus on making the clubs fun and engaging. Making learning fun is really at the heart of what we do, and as a franchisee we hope you’d share that ethos.

Hit the ground running

Once you’ve made the decision to become your own boss, we understand that you’ll want to start enjoying the benefits on the double. That’s why we’ve built our starter package to be as comprehensive as possible. You’ll get all of the resources you need for the clubs, including course material, songbooks, CDs and certificates. On top of that, you’ll be given free access to our online portal Babelzone, and you’ll even get your own website – free! Throw in the teacher skills training, admin software, and insurance cover and you’ll see why so many people are becoming LCF franchisees. Don’t forget: you’ll also enjoy total peace of mind and full support from the LCF team in Head Office.

For more information about joining LCF as a franchisee, please visit our website. Or, if you’d prefer a chat, you can call us on 01489 786473 or email for more information. We’d love to welcome you into the fold as an LCF franchisee.