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5 Ways School Clubs Can Help a Child Flourish


It’s widely accepted that childhood is the best time for a person to learn, broaden horizons and develop key skills. It’s for just this reason that the LCF school clubs have been developed and are run across the country. With so many kids already enjoying everything these school clubs have to offer, we’re often asked the question: ‘What are the key benefits of these clubs for the kids themselves?’ We thought we’d find out – so here are our top five ways school clubs can help a child flourish (in no particular order).

Children receiving certificates in an LCF Spanish school club
Children at Llansannor school Spanish club

5. Developing interpersonal and social skills

Being able to relate to and co-operate with other people is one of the most important skills a child can acquire – especially early on. Taking part in school clubs is an excellent way to do that. With LCF school clubs, a child can learn the skills that will prepare them for the world of higher education, work and more. And at the same time, of course, they’ll learn about the topic at hand, whether it be French, Spanish or English.

4. Being introduced to a wider variety of topics and interests

School curricula are often very rigidly set, with little exploration of other topics. This is great in the sense that it prepares children to pass their exams, however it also means that there’s a lot they don’t get to experience. With school clubs, children can tap into a world of topics, languages and experiences.

3. Developing an understanding of cultural relations

The world is a much more multi-cultural place than ever before, especially within Europe. By taking part in school clubs, a child can not only learn the languages of countries from across the globe, but also gain a greater understanding of what makes those countries unique. This cultural understanding will set them in a good stead for a lifetime of positive cultural exchanges and experiences – all thanks to school clubs.

2. Giving them something to look forward to

Just as adults need a break from home and work now and then, so too do kids need to do something other than simply sitting in regular classes or being at home. While school clubs do take place in the same environment, the engagement levels and topics are very different from those of ‘regular’ classes. LCF school club tutors often find that children genuinely look forward to visiting their school clubs, and they really can be the highlight of the week.

1. School clubs provide well-rounded development

In a world that seems to revolve around the internet, computers and technology, there’s something very special about school clubs. They are inherently collaborative and social in nature, allowing a child to grow and develop in ways that would not be possible through a TV or computer screen. All of the benefits we’ve listed above really do come together to create the ultimate benefit of school clubs: a more well-rounded, better adjusted and enthusiastic child with a passion for a wide array of topics.

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